Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This staggeringly otherworldly shadowy cousin to Kraftwerk's 'Computer world', is probably the best computer composed collection of music I have ever had enter my shell-likes.
Unlike Kraftwerk's magnum opus, this actually sounds like a computer, albeit one of those cheap 1980's family computers;- not everyone could afford an IBM in 1981. This is more like computer reality in 1981, and in 2012 it sounds like an alien broadcast.
There's even a claim to the invention of 'house' in the track 'Computer bank', beating Manuel Gottsching's "E2-E4" to the punch by three years...although Gottsching had recorded that in 1981! Although this is not something to be proud of, it was not then a crime, and not danced to by legions of lagered-up townies/trendies, swinging their white hand bags and stiletto's.
The voices that appear on this tape are convincingly cyborg-like, and provide the most entertaining moment when a slightly effeminate cyborg voice volunteers a fey sounding rendering of the song title to 'Computer Violence'; which repeats softly above a fuzzy rumble of a backing track; very strange indeed.
Thank you Peter Jolly.


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