Friday, June 8, 2012

By the time of this album's release, bass player Robbie Shakespeare and drummer Lowell "Sly" Dunbar had been working together for almost 25 years. On this collaboration Sly & Robbie lay down twelve tracks that are their own unique reggae-inflected interpretation of drum-and-bass. Famed producer/remixer Howie B combines the duo's source music with electronic beats. The result is a hypnotic, mind-bending trip through the world of booming beats and spacey textures.
Some of the tracks that stand out are "Fatigue Chic," the reggae-influenced "Ballistic Squeeze" and the throbbing pulse of "Major Magic." New fans of Electronica and old fans of Sly & Robbie will both be happy with STRIP TO THE BONE. Though this album defies expectations, the explosive, thick bass lines combined with slick, interesting beats and worldly rhythms make STRIP TO THE BONE drum-and-bass by any definition.

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